Our mantra is to be sustainable and stylish at the same time.

Vasuca is known in the fashion world for using the best premium non-animal materials for its products. That is because we believe in conscious living, which is why we source high-quality materials.

Bags & Accessories

Vegan Leather

To keep our standards cruelty-free and high, we use a material called Polyurethane (PU). It is vegan leather that is crafted using natural materials. However, it has the feel and look of genuine leather minus the side effects of cheap plastic materials such as PVC.


Cotton Canvas

The material is heavier than plain cotton, and it is more durable. That is because it is usually created from 100% cotton.  It utilizes fewer resources to make and it does not create any harmful chemicals, which means a lower carbon footprint.


925 Sterling Silver

As our commitment to create a sustainable and ethical jewellery industry, we fixate on maintaining a clean supply chain by primarily using recycled silver metal and 100% conflict-free, top-of-the-range American diamonds in our jewellery. Moreover, our diamond simulant costs only 1% of the diamond price.