Trends for jewellery are always changing. While previously it was all about statement jewellery, all loud and bold, things have taken a turn for now. People are opting for more subtle options that are not too out there, especially when it comes to stone cuts. 

Let's look at the various style trends that exist for different pieces of jewellery and what people want more of these days.

Sustainable options

Many young individuals are now looking at the backgrounds of businesses and how to operate to determine which ones are sustainable and which ones aren’t. As ideologies change, so do the various trends. This also holds for the jewellery industry and individuals prefer sustainable options as opposed to those that exploit humans and the environment. 

People are focused on making the world a better place to live in and this can’t be possible if industries keep digging the layers of earth to find different minerals and stones. Thus, many are trying not to go for precious stones but rather purchase sustainable jewellery options. 

Floral themes

Floral themes are majorly in these days. As people connect to nature, they’re more inclined to want things that are similar to it. This is why you’ll discover many people sporting floral jewellery. From earrings, rings, to necklaces, all of them will star floral themes that are delicate and unique. 

Dramatic stone placement

While the trend for large rings and earrings has mainly subsided, it doesn’t mean that people don’t want the dramatic touch. Dramatically placed stones are still a favourite for many and will continue to trend in the jewellery fashion. 

Whether it is a small stone or a large one, the placement of it matters a lot. You’ll find various people sporting these looks, including celebrities and other famous personalities. 

Round-cut stones

Previously, there was a major roar about uniquely shaped stones but that’s all gone now. The trend has shifted back to the original round-cut stones that everybody loves and adores. Round-cut stone placement on rings has never completely gone out of trend. 

While they did try to replace them with other designs, these have continued to be a favourite of the majority of people that love rings. From engagement rings to others, you’ll witness many round-cut stoned rings this season.  

Simple-delicate designs 

When it comes to rings and earrings, there are various options that you can get for yourself. But one trend that never dies is opting for simple and delicate designs. Whether it is rings, earrings, or any other piece of jewellery, you’ll see that most of the times you opt for the most basic and simple designs possible. This is mostly because they’re the most wearable ones. While other cuts and designs can be worn as well, they’re not usually something that you can hold on to for too long. 

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