Diamonds are typically worn to showcase the amount of wealth or success a person has. But as the demand for diamonds increases, the process through which diamonds are extracted keeps on deteriorating. Diamond mining is considered an extremely dangerous operation as there are many risks involved with the practice. 

The social and environmental impact of diamond mining

Diamond mining has a major impact on the social and environmental conditions of the world. Given the massive scale of the industry, there’s no denying that the negative impacts will have a ripple effect on many people and the environment. 

  • The social impact

Diamond mining is known to have a massive impact on the people that are working in the industry as the working conditions aren’t favourable. Often, the rights of the workers are compromised and they’re given a relatively lower wage for the work that they’re expected to do. 

Moreover, people working in this industry are prone to more diseases and other health issues. This is mostly because they are exposed to toxic chemicals that can be found underground, in the soil, and in the water bodies where the toxins are dumped. Those who get in contact with these are susceptible to health risks. 

  • The environmental impact

People working in the industry aren’t the only ones affected by the mining procedures as the environment is also considerably damaged. Even though there are various regulations put forward as to how to go about diamond mining, very few companies follow detailed rules. 

The mining procedure, therefore, adds to soil erosion that results in less fertile soil for agricultural usage. Moreover, different methods of diamond mining also result in changing the course of rivers or building dams to reach the riches. This can destabilize the entire eco-system and cause a shift in the environment. 

Are lab-grown stones the better alternative?

With all the negative connotations revolving around diamond mining, there’s another alternative available for people who wish to purchase diamonds. Opting for lab-grown stones is comparatively better for the environment and social cause. 

When you compare the two processes, the lab-grown stones take only a fraction of time to complete and with little to almost no implications when it comes to negative social and environmental impact. Once the process is complete, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the stone that is mined and the one produced in the lab. The only way to tell them apart is through the inclusions that mined diamonds have after undergoing various processes over the years. Other than that, lab-grown stones can give you the same finish. 

Not only are lab-grown stones such as diamonds the more sustainable option, but they are equally beautiful as well. With jewellery made using the highest quality of stones and silver, you won’t be able to tell the difference as to whether they are natural diamonds or lab-grown. We should collectively take a step to ensure that we protect our environment and the people that suffer while working in the mines by advocating lab-grown stones as opposed to mined one. Vasuca Jewellery believes that lab-grown stones are the way to go to create more ethically in-line and sustainable jewellery.